Thursday, May 24, 2012


i should be concentrating in my revision now as my exam is juz a week plus ahead... oh my.... i shouldnt online n blog... juz like i said... i will update very frequent when study week... oh my..... arrrggghhh!!! i need to stop this n concentrate...

let me introduce my new buddy who accompanied me everyday...

my new buddy...
yeap... this Rilakkuma is my new buddy... cuteeee??? haha... its from my <3.. he is the one who accompanied me everyday now... hugging it to sleep every night... okay... i should go back to my studies now...

sure will update real soon... haha... :)


till then

im back again...

oh my... i left my blog for months again... >.< sorry for not updating my blog for months... been sick n bz since my last post... now going to prepare for my 2nd yr 1st sem's finals.... *wish me luck pls* =) haha... when it comes to exam time... i will be very hardworking to update my blog coz i wanna get off my notes n textbook... honestly, a lots of things happened in this few months... friendships got messed up pretty much... n i figured out to leave it aside till i finish off my exams.... FINALS, that will be the priority for me now... i think i figure out y m i not blogging so frequently like last time.. coz now i got my sis talking with me... i got another way to express my feelings.... so.... >.<

but but but.... i gonna update everything real soon... yes... bout the problems i faced... so yeah... i will at least sum it all up n update u guys k?? so sorry for tht... gonna hit my sack now... tmr still got class at 9am.... *NOOOOOOO* haha.... niteeee to all of u!!! sweeeeeettt dreamssss to alll....


Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sick since the day before my bday.. Till now.. Im still like a dead fish.. Out of all sudden.. SLE pop in my head.. Can't be tht bad I hope... Sincerely hope nothing goes wrong with my body this time... Don't get from mild to severe pls... =(

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boyfriend or boy friend??

finished watching 我可能不會愛妳 last week at cousin house... its a very nice n meaningful drama... i like the storyline.. i think is very true tht there is always someone beside of us tht will always be there for us whenever we need a friend to talk to... i have came across a few guys whom i can talk comfortably... i felt so bless to have them appear in my life... i wanna thank them to be there for me when i need them...

 i dont noe how many of u will believe tht there is pure friendship between a guy n a girl.. i believe in tht... but some guys around me told me tht guys mostly wont treat a girl sooo nice if he doesnt like her or doesnt have a feeling feel like protecting them.. i dont noe how true is tht... but i somehow believe tht guys n girls can be BFF... like me n jiayang... im sure he is my BFF!!! i can talk to him comfortably n he noes almost everything of me coz he is the one who i wanna share my feelings whenever im emo or happy... he noes my feeling n always encourage me!! thts BFF... <3

sometimes its true tht when a guy treat u really like his buddy but u slowly have special feelings toward him... i wont deny on tht too... i came across with this guy friend of mine whom i have special feelings towards him n im confuse whether he treating as his buddy or he have special feelings towards me... this kinda confusing feeling dint stay long when i realised he actually treated some other girls like tht too... then i stop myself being too close with him n things go back to usual again.. as friend again... =) 

im blessed being able to have friends there for me regardless guys or girls friend... im happy to have u all as my freind... <3 LOVE u ALL!!!

Till then

Friday, March 16, 2012

its MARCH!!!


MARCH is my favorite month!!! <3 although now ady the mid of march... n 1 of my special day passed... but its okay.. i still looking forward for the end of march... teehee...

its the 3rd week of this sem... getting busier now... no time to enjoy life at all dy... tutorials n lectures filled up most of my time... assignments n quizzes all coming one by one... everything getting tougher n im STRESSED out sometimes... =( sad huh... hope everything goes well n fine... finger crossed for me... :)

im gonna be ALRIGHT!!! SMILE~~!!


Till then...

Monday, March 5, 2012

dang... face it!!

right.. face it... i started my new sem n there comes all the unit guides stating out bout assignments n quizzes tht i gonna do in this new sem.. im now in my second yr... n i can feel the stress.. the subjects seems to be harder n from the seniors...  they said this sem im going to face 2 killing subject in accounting... OMG... thts the 3 word appeared in my mind when i noe tht... means i gotta put extra effort in it... motivation pls... need it badly... aisk...

special words to my hunn... Qian, everything will be fine.. n u can do it... dont worry k??? i will always be there for u when u need me..!! so lets do it n work hard together!!  u r not gonna be alone!!! <3 *hugs*

wish me luck in this sem n all the others coming sem... then i get to finish my degree as planned... :) i think all of u guys also started ur new sem right?? lets work hard together n do a great job k?? <3

This is the spirit!! =)

Till then...

p/s: EL Babe.. i rmb our plan for this march... i wont forget it... lets keep in touch n confirm the date again k?? ILY!! <3

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grey Monday

haiz... thts the color of my monday... everything went wrong n i felt so so so down now... wats wrong with me??!! :( haiz... arrrggghhh!!!!

I really need to noe how to reject ppl from now on... or else... i will be the 1 feeling down... the 2nd time meeting ppl who wanna ask me to join in membership for some sort of direct selling etc... im not keen in earning friend's money like tht... so... pls leave me alone with this kinda plan next time k?? im not objecting ppl for doing this kinda direct selling but pls dont 'invite' me in... im not tht good in talking to ppl or frens in this kinda things... so... i hope i wont be meeting this kinda ppl in future...

arrgghhh.... y like this de ar??!!! luckily something good bring my mood back a bit... sold my biz law books n successfully help my frens to sell their books too... at least something good...

tmr will be the 1st day tht of my 2nd yr in uni... buck up gal... dont be emo anymore...

till then...

Monday, February 27, 2012

a fattening weekend

i still rmb tht im on my diet plan.. but... the last weekend... i ate really a lot of yummy food with my cousins n sister... thx to my cousin's who brought me n my sister for this makan trail... really a great n wonderful weekend for both of us... <3 im really glad tht my cousins r always there asking me whether this week wanna go their place n they will cook homecook food for me... this week had my mama yummy herbal soup which i drank since young till now... i <3 the soup... n when i drink it.. i think of mummy at the same time.. coz mummy cook this soup everytime im back at home too.... <3 soup full of love... niceeeee!!!!

went seapark for the Bumbung nasi lemak with my cousins on fri nite n surprisingly met my roommate.. MONA... i so feel like hugging her... its so nice seeing her n she said she not staying in lagoonview hostel dy... she shifted out n rent a master bedroom with her fren.. although me n mona juz roommate for a sem time... but... she is a very caring gal... staying with her is sooo comfortable.. chatting with her is a MUST everyday back from uni... n i will surely rmb she bought cupcakes for me on my bday... n im so touched coz tht time we juz noe each other for a month... we both scare staying in room alone... dont like sleeping alone... so we never failed to let each other noe whether we will be at room at night or not... i miss the time staying with her... even tough we staying not far from each other now... but its quite hard for us to meet by chance... so.. its quite nice meeting her tht nite... <3 regretted didnt hug her when we end out conversation... :( Mona!!! i miss u roomie!!!! <3 *hugs*

i agree tht there r many passer by in our life... but there r always someone stay deep inside of our heart tht even we dont see each other much, dint chat much, but we do hope that someone is living happily... i really hope u noe i always want u to live happily... :) i will always rmb u as a fren.. so... lets move on with a big smile on our face... everything will be fine soon... :)

out of sudden... tht day i think of changing myself... but i dont noe where to start from... i will think bout it carefully... <3

holiday officially end today... will spend the last day of my holiday well... :)

Till then...
A better ME in this coming semester...


Thursday, February 23, 2012

nice day with love

nice movie... The Wedding Diary... <3

yipee.... went to watch movie with my <3 today... soooo happy!!! had a very nice day today!!! :) thx to my lil sis!!! i hope she enjoyed the day too... went n watched The Wedding Diary... its a very nice movie tht i would recommend u guys to watch... the storyline is very nice n its funny... <3 it!! its a must watch movie... so u guys who havent watch this movie... MUST go n watch ya!!!

okay.. i had a great movie time.. then after the movie we went n buy grocery... we cooked together for the 1st time... haha.. tonite's meal is SPAGHETTI... its a not bad meal... tmr going to cook SOUP!! haha... fun cooking when we r FREE... <3

the conclusion is... today im sooooo happy!!! =)
but im very anxious n i need some courage for tmr... pls spare me some courage... i need to face a lot of unfamiliar faces tmr.. aisk aisk.. dont like... >.<

Till then...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

rise n shin day 2

i cant think of a title... then straight away put it as rise n shine day 2... haha... another early day for me!!! wake up for doing the allocate thingy... but... the portal is not working!! oh my... then im wide awake now... cant get back to sleep like yesterday.. >.<

2nd day for my sis orientation.. today going to be a long day for her... till 5pm coz of the campus tour... but for me.. thts the nicest part of orientation for new student... able to explore the new environment n wont get lost in the new environment.. haha... hope she enjoy today... oh ya... i might end up helping a fren from MUSA for the Monopoly program this fri... hope its fun... :)

okay... wat shuld i do today ar... someone dated me but dint tell me wat time  to meet n all.. so i would end up waiting at hostel n doing nothing... kinda sad.. must have a backup plan.. okay... go gym if im not going out.. then go uni online!! haha... okay.. tht will be my plan B for today... tmr going to spend quality time with my lil sis... going for a movie with her... then shopping AGAIN.. haha... shop for grocery tmr.. coz im going to COOK for her... yum yum dinner soon...  <3 :)
im going to refresh refresh n refresh the allocate page now... hope the timetable is as wat me n my fren allocated... :)

Till then

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rise n shine

Good morning!!!! hehe... so long dint wake up so early n come uni dy... im here to accomplish my task of being a nanny... sending my sis to uni for her 1st day of uni life... hope she have fun... the internet speed in uni is the best... so i came here n online.. since i dont feel sleepy n dont feel like going back to sleep..

its a very new start for my sis n me... im gonna start my new sem soon.. so... this week will be the last holiday week of mine... went out with jiayang n pamela last week for a small meet up n movie too... so long time dint go watch movie with them dy... its so niceeeeeee!!! :) i will miss them very very much!!!! :) miss EeLing, im so sorry tht i cant meet up with u coz im back to kl on sat... we will meet soon k? n celebrate our bday together!!!! <3 <3

m i tht emo n let others misunderstand my status now?? for those who follow my twitter will noe tht i tweet things tht seems emo... but tht is wat i felt la.. i may be cheerful but i still have the right to be emo right?? haha... so.. stop guessing by judging my tweets... everybody have the right to be emo... :) n everything is FINE~~~!!! im not tht weak as u guys think la... im OKAY!!!! :)

my aunt going to have a small eye surgery later... hope everything will be alright... pray for her.. :) hmm... suddenly felt tht we really have to take good care of our health... no more junk food for me!!! its a starting of my diet plan... hehe... diet diet.. wondering how much weight will i lose in a week time... at least 1kg.. i hope... will go gym later while waiting for my sis back n go shopping in pyramid.. :) a good start of a day huh?? <3 i hope so...

have a GREAT monday guys....!!! <3 <3

Till then...

i promise i gonna update more!!

okay!!! im back again.. blog idle for another 1 month!!!! IM SO SORRY!!! to those who clicked in n found nothing updated... im so sorry.... okay... i promise i will update soon k??

im back to my hostel bringing my lil sis along this time... yeap... my sis came to monash n going to start her very 1st day in monash today!!! in another 8 hours.. haha... hope she will enjoy here... n dont cry anymore... =( see her crying making me feel sooo bad... >.< im here yet she still cried... :(((  hope she is okay soon... :)))) i miss home like her too... so.. dont need to cry for tht ya... <3 *hugs* im here for u no matter wat sis!!!! <3 :)

today is a very special day for a best fren of mine!!! Happy bday YI QIAN!!!! so sad tht u r not bad yet n i cant celebrate ur bday for u... :(( gonna date u out when u r back.. make sure u r free for me k??? <3 have a great day hunn!!!! see u in a week time!! IMY n ILY!!! 

okay!! thts it for today!!! i will update everything soon...!! :)) <3 <3

till then..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


oopsie oopsssie.... i left the blog idle for such a long time since new year till now.. having a bz schedule of tests n assignment for my summer course... so sorry... m supposed to write about new year resolution right?? is it a lil too late to write it now?? or shall i give it a go n post it every month...??? not a bad idea also huh..  let me think bout it..

okay.. was bz with all those mid sem tests n assignment for summer course... everything gonna end in another 2 days... then i will be free back home for my CNY!!! woohoo... i miss my parents soooo much... even they juz came n spent a 2 whole days with me... <3 oh ya.. im not alone starting the next new sem.. i going to have a new housemate which is my LIL SIS!!! my lil sis is now officially a future student of monash uni.... *clap clap*.. welcome my lil sis to accompany me... haha... but i noe there's more responsibility for me starting the new sem.. i will take good care of u lil sis... dont worry.. trust me n my cooking skill... yipeee...!!! lil sis applied the SMR also ofcoz.. n we are waiting for them to arrange us in the same unit as we wanna stay next to each other.. its too bad tht they do not have sharing rooms here... or else we can stay like we r at home... chat chat n study together... =( at least now i got a company of her here... <3 <3

summer gonna end this thurs... wow!!! time flies!!!!! 6 weeks of classes end like this... CNY is my study week... sound sad huh... haha... besides of celebrating cny... i wont forget to study...*i hope so*... yeah!!!!! going home going home going home on fri!!!! can see my lil bro from NS also... miss him really badly!!!! worried bout him also...  gonna enjoy the 1st 3 days of cny!! with family...!! <3 <3 have a great CNY peps!!!! <3

till then....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st post of 2012!!

pls take away the bad luck in 2011, Mr 1... WELCOME 2012!!! promise to be a good yr k?? <3 

hiya...!!! its 2012!!! woohoo... i had a great nite with my frens & i dont feel tired yet!! this is the 1st time i didnt count down with my family... thx to all the awesome frens who made my 1st yr of counting down in kl sooo happening n happy..!! u guys made my day!!! :) XOXO

its kinda sad at 1st when i noe tht i cant be home counting down with my family... but the called juz now made me felt great now.. i can feel the warmth even they r not beside me now... <3 thts wat FAMILY can give us right?? :)

new year shuld have new resolution right?? i shall make 1 tmr...  but... wat i wished more in this new yr is tht everything in my life go smooth n well... thts wat i want now... its simple, but i will feel very very contented if it does... so.. be nice to me yr 2012.. <3<3<3

 i noe im not suppose to be emo at the 1st day of 2012.. but then ya... im sensitive so... pls bear with emotional jane for a second.... i must say tht till now i still quite sensitive with the age prob.. so ya.. it happened juz now after counting down... on the way to kayu... im kinda upset coz of the conversation in the car.. i noe im 2 yrs older... but must it be mentioned in the very 1st day of 2012?? i wont hate u for mentioning tht.. coz i noe tht is the truth... its me who cant really accept it.. mentioning age for me is making me wanna further myself from the whole of u guys... n i noe the distance of my age to u guy's age.. i tried to act tht i dont care bout the age thingy.. but sometimes i still do think of it.. so.. mentioning it is like add salt to my wound... the wound tht i wanna cover up... its really not tht okay as i thought i would be after 2 yrs of life mixing with younger group of frens... i noe some still do care bout it.. its okay.. i dont get to set how a person wanna feel bout me.. its juz im sensitive... haiz... *1st sigh of the yr*

i hope i will forget this after writing this post.. have a good nite sleep till tmr noon n write a happy post.... i really do hope so.... <3

Till then..