Wednesday, January 18, 2012


oopsie oopsssie.... i left the blog idle for such a long time since new year till now.. having a bz schedule of tests n assignment for my summer course... so sorry... m supposed to write about new year resolution right?? is it a lil too late to write it now?? or shall i give it a go n post it every month...??? not a bad idea also huh..  let me think bout it..

okay.. was bz with all those mid sem tests n assignment for summer course... everything gonna end in another 2 days... then i will be free back home for my CNY!!! woohoo... i miss my parents soooo much... even they juz came n spent a 2 whole days with me... <3 oh ya.. im not alone starting the next new sem.. i going to have a new housemate which is my LIL SIS!!! my lil sis is now officially a future student of monash uni.... *clap clap*.. welcome my lil sis to accompany me... haha... but i noe there's more responsibility for me starting the new sem.. i will take good care of u lil sis... dont worry.. trust me n my cooking skill... yipeee...!!! lil sis applied the SMR also ofcoz.. n we are waiting for them to arrange us in the same unit as we wanna stay next to each other.. its too bad tht they do not have sharing rooms here... or else we can stay like we r at home... chat chat n study together... =( at least now i got a company of her here... <3 <3

summer gonna end this thurs... wow!!! time flies!!!!! 6 weeks of classes end like this... CNY is my study week... sound sad huh... haha... besides of celebrating cny... i wont forget to study...*i hope so*... yeah!!!!! going home going home going home on fri!!!! can see my lil bro from NS also... miss him really badly!!!! worried bout him also...  gonna enjoy the 1st 3 days of cny!! with family...!! <3 <3 have a great CNY peps!!!! <3

till then....

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