Monday, February 20, 2012

Rise n shine

Good morning!!!! hehe... so long dint wake up so early n come uni dy... im here to accomplish my task of being a nanny... sending my sis to uni for her 1st day of uni life... hope she have fun... the internet speed in uni is the best... so i came here n online.. since i dont feel sleepy n dont feel like going back to sleep..

its a very new start for my sis n me... im gonna start my new sem soon.. so... this week will be the last holiday week of mine... went out with jiayang n pamela last week for a small meet up n movie too... so long time dint go watch movie with them dy... its so niceeeeeee!!! :) i will miss them very very much!!!! :) miss EeLing, im so sorry tht i cant meet up with u coz im back to kl on sat... we will meet soon k? n celebrate our bday together!!!! <3 <3

m i tht emo n let others misunderstand my status now?? for those who follow my twitter will noe tht i tweet things tht seems emo... but tht is wat i felt la.. i may be cheerful but i still have the right to be emo right?? haha... so.. stop guessing by judging my tweets... everybody have the right to be emo... :) n everything is FINE~~~!!! im not tht weak as u guys think la... im OKAY!!!! :)

my aunt going to have a small eye surgery later... hope everything will be alright... pray for her.. :) hmm... suddenly felt tht we really have to take good care of our health... no more junk food for me!!! its a starting of my diet plan... hehe... diet diet.. wondering how much weight will i lose in a week time... at least 1kg.. i hope... will go gym later while waiting for my sis back n go shopping in pyramid.. :) a good start of a day huh?? <3 i hope so...

have a GREAT monday guys....!!! <3 <3

Till then...

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