Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st post of 2012!!

pls take away the bad luck in 2011, Mr 1... WELCOME 2012!!! promise to be a good yr k?? <3 

hiya...!!! its 2012!!! woohoo... i had a great nite with my frens & i dont feel tired yet!! this is the 1st time i didnt count down with my family... thx to all the awesome frens who made my 1st yr of counting down in kl sooo happening n happy..!! u guys made my day!!! :) XOXO

its kinda sad at 1st when i noe tht i cant be home counting down with my family... but the called juz now made me felt great now.. i can feel the warmth even they r not beside me now... <3 thts wat FAMILY can give us right?? :)

new year shuld have new resolution right?? i shall make 1 tmr...  but... wat i wished more in this new yr is tht everything in my life go smooth n well... thts wat i want now... its simple, but i will feel very very contented if it does... so.. be nice to me yr 2012.. <3<3<3

 i noe im not suppose to be emo at the 1st day of 2012.. but then ya... im sensitive so... pls bear with emotional jane for a second.... i must say tht till now i still quite sensitive with the age prob.. so ya.. it happened juz now after counting down... on the way to kayu... im kinda upset coz of the conversation in the car.. i noe im 2 yrs older... but must it be mentioned in the very 1st day of 2012?? i wont hate u for mentioning tht.. coz i noe tht is the truth... its me who cant really accept it.. mentioning age for me is making me wanna further myself from the whole of u guys... n i noe the distance of my age to u guy's age.. i tried to act tht i dont care bout the age thingy.. but sometimes i still do think of it.. so.. mentioning it is like add salt to my wound... the wound tht i wanna cover up... its really not tht okay as i thought i would be after 2 yrs of life mixing with younger group of frens... i noe some still do care bout it.. its okay.. i dont get to set how a person wanna feel bout me.. its juz im sensitive... haiz... *1st sigh of the yr*

i hope i will forget this after writing this post.. have a good nite sleep till tmr noon n write a happy post.... i really do hope so.... <3

Till then..

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