Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

time flies... its already the last day of yr 2011... wow!!! a lot of things happened this yr also... good ones n bad ones...

2011 is a very special yr for me... its the 1st yr of me having a brand new life in uni... n im 21dy... i noe its not quite right to be in uni having 1st yr in my age.. but yea... things happened n i started everything like all over again... regret... but time cant go back ady right?? so no use pounding on it.. thts how my parents encourage me... and they even said im lucky to went through both form 6 n college life.. shuld i be happy for tht?? *doubt* haha... im glad tht im able to be in uni n study something which i like too... thts really great... i will work hard on it for this 3 yrs.. i dont want anything to delay in my life dy... i dont have much time to do so... *winks*

im glad to noe alot of nice fren also... those whom i will surely stick with for this 3 yrs in uni life.. pls be aware... i can be very STICKY... :))) haha... had 2 trips with them.. qian, stef, jon n khai!!! we must go with wat we plan k?? every sem break we will go for a trip k?? <3 <3

1st trip... Langkawi

2nd trip... Malacca


let me think of something tht is bad... eeeehhheeemmm.... oh ya.... something tht disappoint me happened.. >.< the worst thing happened in this yr i guess... a tiny lil alphabet beat me down real hard... the 1st time i broke down this yr... i learnt a lesson n i WONT EVER let it happen again.. pls take my word seriously.. i dont wanna be tht sad again ever.. i tried very hard to recover from tht.. and m recovering... i can do it!!!!

how come i cant really think of something to write ar?? >.< shuld draft it down next time.. haha... forgetful me... well... im still felt glad coz even sometimes something bad happened i still have my very loved ones beside me giving me all their support... my family...!! thx dad, mum, da gor, qing, small boy... thx for calling me everyday n chat with me.. since last yr im away from home.. u all never fail to call me everyday... chat with me... tell me wat happened back at home.. i really appreciate it a lot...!!! a call from home for me is the best medicine for home sick... <3 and also my lovely cousins!!! thx for always chat with me n made me feel tht im not alone here in kl... thx for always fetching me here n there.. taking e out shopping n dinner.. celebrate my bday for me... i really do appreciate a lot too!!! im shy to show it out... but.. hope u guys all know tht i <3 u guys a lot too.. u guys r my family too!!! <3 <3 n not forget mr SPECIAL... <3 to u too...!!!

ofcoz my frens also.. thx for cheer me up when im sad... thx for being there for me also.. thx for helping me whenever i need help!!! <3<3 special hugs for eeling, jiayang, qian, stef... thx guys!!!! <3<3<3

<3 ELMO <3

<3 stef <3 qian <3

lastly... a big XOXO to all my frens n my family n also those who read this super duper long post.. teehee... i hope everyone will enjoy the very last day of 2011... im gonna enjoy it coz going countdown with frens!!! <3 <3 cant wait till the evening!!! <3 rmb to wish at the very first sec of 2012!!! new post next yr!!! so see ya all next yr k??

<3<3 XOXO <3<3
31 DEC 2011..   


Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 more days left...

wow... time flies... now ady 29 of december... another 2 days to the brand new yr... still planning where to countdown or will i be at hostel counting down to 2012 myself?? sound so pathetic.. >.<

spent my last weekend with cousins also... a small christmas dinner with my cousins.... chit-chatting like usual... movie together.. all those things doing with them made me felt so happy... contented... :)

finally watched LOVE YOU YOU last week at my cousin's house... its really niceee... i still dont noe y i dint go to cinema for the movie.. wat a waste... :(( luckily my cousin bought the dvd... :)) its a very touching n nice movie... i like the scenery la!!!!! i wanna go to tht island also!!!! next yr shuld go to a beautiful island for my holidays... :))

shuld have a long post tmr.. as a conclusion of the whole 2011 tht i went through... :) hope tht i will have the mood to write it tmr... <3


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its christmas!!!

Christmas is juz around the corner... which is 3 more days from today... i seriously like CHRISTMAS!!! i like to see the decorations and all the christmas songs... <3 <3 <3...

This is the 1st yr i celebrate christmas alone here in KL without my family beside me.. kinda sad huh.. :(( i missed out the Christmas deco in Orchard Road this yr.. sooo sad... shuld visit Orchard Sg before im back to kl.. >.< Luckily... KL Pavillion still have the Christmas feeling.. <3 <3...

Nice deco..<3

<3 <3 its CHRISTMAS!!! <3 <3

Not bad also right??? like it so much... there's something special in the main door around the fountain of Pavillion... its the United Buddy Bears!!!! there r 147 of them.. n all with very unique and nice design from the artist around the world... i <3 BEARS!!!! 

Bear HUGS!!


CLOVER!!!! <3

Shopping for 11 hours at Pavillion & a few malls around there on Sat with my dear cousins!!! long time didnt meet ip with them n we shop like CRAZY on tht day... had GREAT fun with them.. <3 them sooo much!!! thx sis!! i noe im not all alone here coz i still got u all here for me... <3<3<3

I shuld have another post for my Christmas wishlist and wishes... its a long post here dy.. teehee..
I'LL BE BACK!!! <3

Till Then...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Short post

oh my... im becoming very lazy to update my blog nowadays... suppose to blog bout my short holiday which is a roller coaster period of time for me... but... i dont think i will like to blog it today..

im currently back to my own world... my hostel... for my summer course... suppose to have 3 mths holiday till feb.. but i took summer course since i will have to pay for my hostel room... n when im at home i dint do anything.. so.. i decided to take summer this yr end... hope it will lighten my 3rd yr which i will be taking my professional paper.. hope everything will go according to wat i planned... *finger crossed*

till then!!! XOXO...!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It&apos;s December...

So fast.. Today ady the starting of the last month of year 2011.. This gonna be a good n blissful month.. Pls be so..

Till then