Monday, February 20, 2012

i promise i gonna update more!!

okay!!! im back again.. blog idle for another 1 month!!!! IM SO SORRY!!! to those who clicked in n found nothing updated... im so sorry.... okay... i promise i will update soon k??

im back to my hostel bringing my lil sis along this time... yeap... my sis came to monash n going to start her very 1st day in monash today!!! in another 8 hours.. haha... hope she will enjoy here... n dont cry anymore... =( see her crying making me feel sooo bad... >.< im here yet she still cried... :(((  hope she is okay soon... :)))) i miss home like her too... so.. dont need to cry for tht ya... <3 *hugs* im here for u no matter wat sis!!!! <3 :)

today is a very special day for a best fren of mine!!! Happy bday YI QIAN!!!! so sad tht u r not bad yet n i cant celebrate ur bday for u... :(( gonna date u out when u r back.. make sure u r free for me k??? <3 have a great day hunn!!!! see u in a week time!! IMY n ILY!!! 

okay!! thts it for today!!! i will update everything soon...!! :)) <3 <3

till then..

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