Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sick since the day before my bday.. Till now.. Im still like a dead fish.. Out of all sudden.. SLE pop in my head.. Can't be tht bad I hope... Sincerely hope nothing goes wrong with my body this time... Don't get from mild to severe pls... =(

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boyfriend or boy friend??

finished watching 我可能不會愛妳 last week at cousin house... its a very nice n meaningful drama... i like the storyline.. i think is very true tht there is always someone beside of us tht will always be there for us whenever we need a friend to talk to... i have came across a few guys whom i can talk comfortably... i felt so bless to have them appear in my life... i wanna thank them to be there for me when i need them...

 i dont noe how many of u will believe tht there is pure friendship between a guy n a girl.. i believe in tht... but some guys around me told me tht guys mostly wont treat a girl sooo nice if he doesnt like her or doesnt have a feeling feel like protecting them.. i dont noe how true is tht... but i somehow believe tht guys n girls can be BFF... like me n jiayang... im sure he is my BFF!!! i can talk to him comfortably n he noes almost everything of me coz he is the one who i wanna share my feelings whenever im emo or happy... he noes my feeling n always encourage me!! thts BFF... <3

sometimes its true tht when a guy treat u really like his buddy but u slowly have special feelings toward him... i wont deny on tht too... i came across with this guy friend of mine whom i have special feelings towards him n im confuse whether he treating as his buddy or he have special feelings towards me... this kinda confusing feeling dint stay long when i realised he actually treated some other girls like tht too... then i stop myself being too close with him n things go back to usual again.. as friend again... =) 

im blessed being able to have friends there for me regardless guys or girls friend... im happy to have u all as my freind... <3 LOVE u ALL!!!

Till then

Friday, March 16, 2012

its MARCH!!!


MARCH is my favorite month!!! <3 although now ady the mid of march... n 1 of my special day passed... but its okay.. i still looking forward for the end of march... teehee...

its the 3rd week of this sem... getting busier now... no time to enjoy life at all dy... tutorials n lectures filled up most of my time... assignments n quizzes all coming one by one... everything getting tougher n im STRESSED out sometimes... =( sad huh... hope everything goes well n fine... finger crossed for me... :)

im gonna be ALRIGHT!!! SMILE~~!!


Till then...

Monday, March 5, 2012

dang... face it!!

right.. face it... i started my new sem n there comes all the unit guides stating out bout assignments n quizzes tht i gonna do in this new sem.. im now in my second yr... n i can feel the stress.. the subjects seems to be harder n from the seniors...  they said this sem im going to face 2 killing subject in accounting... OMG... thts the 3 word appeared in my mind when i noe tht... means i gotta put extra effort in it... motivation pls... need it badly... aisk...

special words to my hunn... Qian, everything will be fine.. n u can do it... dont worry k??? i will always be there for u when u need me..!! so lets do it n work hard together!!  u r not gonna be alone!!! <3 *hugs*

wish me luck in this sem n all the others coming sem... then i get to finish my degree as planned... :) i think all of u guys also started ur new sem right?? lets work hard together n do a great job k?? <3

This is the spirit!! =)

Till then...

p/s: EL Babe.. i rmb our plan for this march... i wont forget it... lets keep in touch n confirm the date again k?? ILY!! <3