Monday, February 27, 2012

a fattening weekend

i still rmb tht im on my diet plan.. but... the last weekend... i ate really a lot of yummy food with my cousins n sister... thx to my cousin's who brought me n my sister for this makan trail... really a great n wonderful weekend for both of us... <3 im really glad tht my cousins r always there asking me whether this week wanna go their place n they will cook homecook food for me... this week had my mama yummy herbal soup which i drank since young till now... i <3 the soup... n when i drink it.. i think of mummy at the same time.. coz mummy cook this soup everytime im back at home too.... <3 soup full of love... niceeeee!!!!

went seapark for the Bumbung nasi lemak with my cousins on fri nite n surprisingly met my roommate.. MONA... i so feel like hugging her... its so nice seeing her n she said she not staying in lagoonview hostel dy... she shifted out n rent a master bedroom with her fren.. although me n mona juz roommate for a sem time... but... she is a very caring gal... staying with her is sooo comfortable.. chatting with her is a MUST everyday back from uni... n i will surely rmb she bought cupcakes for me on my bday... n im so touched coz tht time we juz noe each other for a month... we both scare staying in room alone... dont like sleeping alone... so we never failed to let each other noe whether we will be at room at night or not... i miss the time staying with her... even tough we staying not far from each other now... but its quite hard for us to meet by chance... so.. its quite nice meeting her tht nite... <3 regretted didnt hug her when we end out conversation... :( Mona!!! i miss u roomie!!!! <3 *hugs*

i agree tht there r many passer by in our life... but there r always someone stay deep inside of our heart tht even we dont see each other much, dint chat much, but we do hope that someone is living happily... i really hope u noe i always want u to live happily... :) i will always rmb u as a fren.. so... lets move on with a big smile on our face... everything will be fine soon... :)

out of sudden... tht day i think of changing myself... but i dont noe where to start from... i will think bout it carefully... <3

holiday officially end today... will spend the last day of my holiday well... :)

Till then...
A better ME in this coming semester...


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