Saturday, October 1, 2011

good morning OCT!!!

Hi peeps!!! good morning... its OCT and what i can say is... time flies!!!! >.< going back to my lovely bandar sunway on sunday morning... 8.40am flight...haiz... dont feel like going back... coz i noe when i go back sure stressed out again.. 2 assignments due on week 10... then after that still got quiz, assignments n weekly submission... GOSH!!! HELP!!! >.< i can feel the stress even im not back to kl...

Seems like my OCT gonna be a tough and buzzy month... oh ya..!! almost forgot bout my FINAL EXAM that going to start at the end of oct... ishhh!!! this gonna be a stress month for me... gonna start camping in uni library dy... (thts practically wat me and yiqian doing starting from this sem.. >.<) hmm... but i gonna miss out the time studying at sunway uni foyer with them dy... staying at monash residence is not that good from this point... >.< kinda like studying together and stress together with them... at least u can feel that u r not alone facing the exam... i wonder how would i feel studying alone after they go to sunway foyer... i will be damn stress by that time.. seriously...

Time to start preparing for the WAR..!! haha... gonna buck up this month and no more SHOPPING for the month till end of exam... i hope i can do that.. and not spending more during exam... teehee... *winks*


gotta stick this in my room as a motivation ==lll

hope u have a great october!!! new month new resolution!!! 
till then....


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