Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don't noe wat is my feeling now.. >< I'm really worried + not calm at all... >< I hate this kind of feeling... >< haiz... Started the day worrying n unhappy... Today is the worst day in this week I guess... Unhappy + emo me is back... Not supposed to have this kinda feeling at all... Shuld be putting all my effort in to prepare my exam... M not happy with my slow snail speed of doing revision.... I can feel stress even more now... Wat m I doing??? I don't feel good... >< n I miss the times chatting with my mum again... I miss dad badly too... >< i miss home... Where I'm not alone... I'm sick of being alone so lonely here...

1 comment:

  1. come on, youre nt truly alone, you re just need some1 to talk to .. don always bear it in mind, share with who willingly to listen, always emo is not good for health oh~ wrinkle will come faster lar !!
    jiayou ~