Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lazy afternoon...

i should be doing my assignments now but dont noe how i end up blogging here... hehe... wat a nice afternoon with fine weather... this made me feel so lazy to do my assignments... gosh... cannot be like tht...tsk tsk... but... HOME is not a good place to do assignment... ady a month didnt come back.. so this time back home made me feel like enjoy n relax the time back home with my family n dog rather than doing assignments... this fine afternoon i should take my love Win out for a walk right?? =) will do tht later... teehee...

still love staying back at home rather than staying in hostel... oh yeah... i shifted to the new hostel in Monash... dad insisted me to shift there for my convenience n safety... so.. now im all alone in a room... no more roomate chatting with me... kinda sad sometimes... the room is nice n comfortable... and i like the big study table in the room... the view is nice... coz im at the highest floor again... the environment is quiet as well since there are still many floors n rooms not occupied... i got 2 housemates in the same unit now... Linda, from kenya and Harlina from indonesia... although we stay in the same unit.. but the chance we meet each other is like once or twice in a week??.. yaya... coz most of us stay in our room once we back from uni.... so... i got nobody to talk to.... *LONELY*... luckily... i got a fren, Wen Xian who stays at the opposite unit of mine.... when we talk.. we can talk for hours either in her room or in my room or even at the door step... haha... im glad that there is still a fren there for me in this new hostel.... there's a few picha of my new room.... <3

sunway monash residence

the kitchen 
my room 

 big study table

 view from my room

till then....

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  1. Hey Jane..I was just checking out your blog..curious to know what Sunway Monash Residence looks like from the thanks alot for putting up the pictures..!!..anyways, I am Talha and am a Commencing undergraduate at MUSC in B.Eng..!!, tell me you in Tower A (single room units) or Tower B (Single Ensuite units)..??