Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its christmas!!!

Christmas is juz around the corner... which is 3 more days from today... i seriously like CHRISTMAS!!! i like to see the decorations and all the christmas songs... <3 <3 <3...

This is the 1st yr i celebrate christmas alone here in KL without my family beside me.. kinda sad huh.. :(( i missed out the Christmas deco in Orchard Road this yr.. sooo sad... shuld visit Orchard Sg before im back to kl.. >.< Luckily... KL Pavillion still have the Christmas feeling.. <3 <3...

Nice deco..<3

<3 <3 its CHRISTMAS!!! <3 <3

Not bad also right??? like it so much... there's something special in the main door around the fountain of Pavillion... its the United Buddy Bears!!!! there r 147 of them.. n all with very unique and nice design from the artist around the world... i <3 BEARS!!!! 

Bear HUGS!!


CLOVER!!!! <3

Shopping for 11 hours at Pavillion & a few malls around there on Sat with my dear cousins!!! long time didnt meet ip with them n we shop like CRAZY on tht day... had GREAT fun with them.. <3 them sooo much!!! thx sis!! i noe im not all alone here coz i still got u all here for me... <3<3<3

I shuld have another post for my Christmas wishlist and wishes... its a long post here dy.. teehee..
I'LL BE BACK!!! <3

Till Then...

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